From Procrastination Pit to Productivity: My Shared Office Space Journey

From Procrastination Pit to Productivity: My Shared Office Space Journey

I always loved to travel and wanted to have a fully remote job where I can work from any trains, hotels and safaris. And now I have it. But then I noticed something about my productivity – being home or hotel gives me a lot of distraction, I found myself sitting for hours without end, sometimes for 12-14 hours a day and the reason for that was my procrastination and distraction. It wasn’t a physical prison, of course, but a mental one built from the bricks of distraction and the ever-present siren song of the couch. My days were a constant battle against procrastination, a battle I was spectacularly losing. My math was – work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours, have fun and explore new destination for another 8 hours. The reality was – go out for a walk and the rest of the time try to work with the constant distractions of the mind.

Working from my rental apartment or hotel felt isolating. Instagram and Google map conspired to sabotage my focus. I needed a change, a shift in my environment that could jolt me out of my unproductive rut. I tried to work from the cafes, but I wasn’t comfortable to be spending 3-4 hours (I do know some people can spend whole day in a cafe). I felt like I’m taking space and this maybe because in the USA there this culture when you’re expected and even pushed to live asap. Also, it’s not cheap, because you kind want to keep ordering drinks and food.

That’s when I stumbled upon the concept of shared office space for rent. It sounded intriguing – a professional workspace with built-in community and, hopefully, a cure for my procrastination woes. But was it just a fad, or could it truly be the missing piece in my productivity puzzle?

Taking a leap of faith, I signed up for a hot desk at a local shared office space. It wasn’t a fancy, corporate environment, but it buzzed with a vibrant energy. My first space was actually a factory turned into coworking, so it had this industrial look. There were other freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, all working towards their own goals. This sense of shared purpose was immediate and inspiring.

The first day was a revelation. Surrounded by focused activity, the urge to check social media or to find my next walk on google map diminished. The physical separation between my workspace and my home life created a clear mental barrier, helping me switch on “work mode” when I entered the shared space.

Beyond the Space, a Community:

The biggest surprise, however, was the unexpected sense of community. I wasn’t just surrounded by focused individuals; I was suddenly part of a network. Lunchtime conversations with other freelancers led to valuable knowledge sharing and collaborations. There were regular events organized by the space, from workshops on productivity hacks to networking evenings. This sense of belonging was a game-changer.

Being around people who were also chasing their dreams, facing similar challenges, and celebrating successes became incredibly motivating. The shared office space wasn’t just a physical location; it was a support system, a source of inspiration, and a constant nudge towards doing my best work.

The Productivity Boost:

The impact on my productivity was undeniable. Deadlines started to feel manageable, emails got answered promptly, and my to-do list shrunk with each passing week. The clear separation between work and home life allowed for deeper focus during work hours. The shared office environment offered a constant low-level hum of activity, which, surprisingly, worked wonders for my concentration.

More Than Just Less Distractions:

It wasn’t just the lack of distractions that boosted my productivity, though that certainly played a role. The shared office space also offered access to a range of amenities that I wouldn’t have had at home. High-speed internet ( many rental apartments I rented had issue), professional meeting rooms, and a well-stocked coffee bar all became valuable tools in my work arsenal.

Finding the Right Fit:

Not all shared office spaces are created equal. After a few months, I realized that the initial space wasn’t quite the perfect fit for my needs. It catered primarily to startups, and the vibe was a bit too energetic for my focused coding sessions. So, I took some time to explore other shared office space for rent options.

Luckily, the market offered a diversity of choices. There were spaces designed specifically for freelancers, others that catered to creative professionals, and even some with a focus on quiet productivity. Finally, I found a space that felt just right – a calm and focused environment with dedicated desks and soundproof phone booths, perfect for my line of work.

A Transformation, Not Just a Location:

Finding the right shared office space wasn’t just about a change in scenery; it was a transformation in my work style. My days of battling procrastination were over. I became a self-disciplined, focused professional, thriving in the collaborative environment. Shared office space became more than just a place to work; it became a launchpad for my success.

Looking Back and Forward:

The connections I made at the shared office space have led to collaborations with other talented individuals, and the sense of community continues to be a source of support and inspiration.

If you’re a freelancer or a small business owner struggling with procrastination and a lack of focus, I urge you to consider shared office space for rent. It might just be the missing piece you need to unlock your full potential and transform the way you work. Remember, it’s not just about escaping distractions – it’s about finding a supportive environment that fosters productivity and fuels your entrepreneurial spirit. The shared office space wasn’t a cure-all, but it provided the structure and environment I needed to thrive. There were still days where the allure of the couch beckoned, but now I had the tools and the community to overcome those temptations.

Looking back, my journey from the procrastination pit to the productivity paradise of a shared office space has been transformative. It’s a testament to the power of finding the right environment to support your goals. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, consider taking a leap of faith and exploring shared office space for rent. You might just surprise yourself with the level of focus and success you can achieve.

So, are you ready to ditch the distractions and unleash your inner productivity powerhouse? Take a chance on a shared office space and discover a whole new way of working. You might just surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!